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Title: All That Matters  (1/?)
Rating: R
Genre: Gen, Rom, Drama, Action, Sup
Characters/Pairings: Sam(oc), Dean(oc), Bobby, Cas- other original characters present

Summary: Ava didn't always dream of being a hunter, but it was her destiny according to the Heavens.  Now- her family all taken from her forever- she carries on her reckless attitude as she presses on with the 'family business'.  What she doesn't expect is to find are two brothers who care very much about what happens to her.  And she'll come to learn that sometimes family isn't always blood.

Warnings: AU Season 6 - Contains some spoilers for those not up to date.
Word Count: 2421
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters.

Story can be found here:


Hope You Enjoy.

AU Season 6

Sam has his soul.


Being a hunter wasn't always the first thing that came to mind when people would ask about my future. My passion wasn't always keeping up with what new gun or new folklore book was out in stores. My obsessions didn't always revolve around how much ammo we had or the thought that the first aid kit needed to be fully stalked all the time. No. Believe it or not- I was the head cheerleader at my high school. The yearbook club was my life. I was dating the all-state running back. My grades were pristine. I had already applied and was accepted into NYU. As far as I was concerned, I was leaving the big state of Texas just a week after graduation.

The sad and fatal reality though, I knew how to disassemble, reassemble, load, and shoot a 9MM in under 30 seconds. I was fully aware of how to kill a vampire…even though…they don't 'exist' by natures laws. I never left the house unarmed. My entire family had been hunters of the supernatural. 'Pests' are what my dad used to call them. I had been on dozens and dozens of hunts by the time I was sixteen and I had no intention of continuing this life style. I wanted to be married and to have children- just to be free of this madness.

I hissed as my so-called 'doctor' stuck the needle that he was using to stitch me up with a little too deep, "God, Bobby…are you trying to kill me?"

"Not anymore than you try to kill yourself," he grumbled. He always voiced his opinion to me regardless of feeling. He thought I had a death wish to join my family soon. I watched his brow fury in concentration as I finally felt the pain pill he had given me kick in. My body felt as if it were melting into the desk he had me laid on. My side was cut mid stomach to my bottom left rib. It was just a mere flesh wound by my late father's standards. By my standards, I should have gone to the ER. It would have been less painful…for Bobby.

"You're so much like Aaron," he mumbled as he continued. The sweat on his brow was beading-threatening to fall. My eyes blurred at the mention of my brother's name. "Always coming to me, asking me to stitch him up. Ya think you would have learned from him."

I sucked in a breath, not from the stitching, but the ache that was in my chest, "I did learn from him."

He glanced at me with sadness before jerking his head away at the knock on the front door, "Shit."

"Hot date?" I tried to joke over the sinking feeling of the drugs. 'Stay' he mumbled as he walked off into the foyer. I closed my eyes thinking 'where in the hell am I going to go?'


I opened my eyes to voices. Where and who, I had not a clue. I moved slightly and moaned. I was on Bobby's couch now covered up with an old blue blanket that was more than musty. Guess I wasn't good enough for the good stuff. I smirked and shoved it away. I sat up gently and rubbed my face. I needed a shower. The blood from the cut above my eye was still caked to my face and parts of hair. He had also bandaged up my left arm that held my 'defensive' wounds. I stood slowly and made my way to the kitchen. I could hear three voices including Bobby's. I didn't recognize the other two.

"We didn't save her."

"But you did kill it?" – Bobby.

"Yeah…all of these folklore and urban legends are coming true. I don't…we can't fight this Bobby. Hell, I'm not even sure what weapons to use have the time."

"Not like we can tell it to hold still while we throw everything we've got at it." Another voice chimed in quickly.

"We'll figure it out as we go son." –Bobby.

Son? I wasn't even aware Bobby had children. In all the years of knowing Bobby he had never once mentioned family of any kind…besides his late wife.

I choose that moment to step through the door. They all swung their heads to me, surprised. I held my injured side as I leaned against the doorframe, "Folklore and Urban Legends stem from true events…fairytale's are even recorded to often be true."

The smaller of the two strangers straightened as he curled his fingers around his beer, "Great."

Bobby sighed at this. Leave it to the history buff to ruin the 'men's conversation'.

"Are you feeling better?" I shifted my eyes toward the biggest stranger. His brown hair reached just below his ears. In that second I decided he needed a haircut.

"I'll live."

Bobby snorted as he stood up heading toward the coffee. I guess he was still angry with me, "Thank Sam. He finished your stitching. He's much better and smoother than I am."

I left a soft smile grace my lips as I gave a nod, "Thank you. I owe you one."

"Not necessary," he said, his hazel sparkling at me. I had to admit he was handsome for a hunter. You don't find many young hunters these days. Bobby shoved a cup of black coffee and another pain pill toward me. I took them, gratefully.

"Sam, Dean, Ava…Ava, Dean, Sam," I loved how Bobby introduced people. It was like he was stating roll call. Sam smiled. Dean had yet to break the solemn look on his face, but he gave a slight nod. Maybe he wasn't fond of female hunters. That wasn't unusual in this 'business.'

"Pleasure. I'm going to take a shower Bobby and then I'm lying down." I backed out the door carefully with my coffee. "Hold my calls." I added with a smile as I fled down the hallway. I did, however, hear Sam chuckle. This made my heart flutter. Odd, I thought it had died years ago.


All I could hear was my heart pounding away in my ears. My feet were hitting the ground hard-hard enough for my feet to ache. Branches were hitting me in the face. I could feel the blood running down my face in hot trails tickling my chin before running down my neck. Where could I hide when I basically had a pork chop tied to my neck? I could hear it hissing through the dark. It was at a constant move- tracking me I assumed. I had dropped my flashlight about a quarter of a mile back. Kendra was no where to be found or even heard. I wondered if she had made it back to the jeep yet. She and my uncle wanted to go in, guns blazing. Well, we did. The two hunters that had tagged along were now dead. Stupid gun ho antics. She was just like my brother.

I stopped abruptly and hid behind a large oak. The woods eerily silent. I shivered as I pulled the lighter from my jeans and lit it once again. I pulled out the busted GPS trying to fix it. I was turned around. Not good considering I had half a pack of vamps on my tail. A slight breeze swept over me and I heard the tree creek. I hated this... it was cold, wet, and dark. I hated the dark with a fiery passion. My ears perked at the sound of Kendra yelling my name. She's looking for me. Thank God, I thought. She knows the way.

"Kendra," I whispered trying to stay quiet in my surroundings, like it would matter. Vampires had excellent hearing and smell. The nicks on my face and arm were just serving me up as bait. We shouldn't even be here. "Kendra?"

I slowly starting moving in the direction I had heard her voice, but froze as I heard a scurrying sound behind me. I squinted into the night surrounding me. I tried to light the Zippo lighter once more. Damn thing was about empty. I jerked when the hissing suddenly sounded closer. Too close. I moved slowly in a circle turning the lighter in my hand. I reached for my gun- it wasn't there. I had dropped it long ago. Like it would help against vampires anyhow. I turned sharply and tripped over what I suspect was a tree root sending me crashing into the ground. I searched the ground for my lighter, but felt nothing. God, that smell. What was that? It smelt like decaying bodies. I was on my knees still searching for the damned lighter. Where was Kendra?

"Ah ah ah..." a deep voice whispered. I jumped and tried to scramble to my feet, but it was no use. He was on top of my back already holding me to the cold wet ground. Kendra! My mind screamed. I cried as he griped my cut arm tightly digging his finger nails into my wound. My fingers finally touched my silver lighter. This was the leader of the pack we had been hunting, Nicodemus. He was around 1800 years old now. He was one of the founders. We were idiots to think we could take him on. He took the lighter from me softly as he pressed his lips to my ear, "Wouldn't want you to start any unwanted forest fires, now would we?"

"Go to Hell!" I yelled before he pressed a knee harder into my back. I screamed after that. It felt as if he had shoved his knee through my right kidney.

He moaned and I shivered in response, "I love it when you people fight back. Makes me all giddy inside."

He gave a small chuckle as he traced his hand on along my back and I continued to struggle- as if it would do any good. I felt like I had a thousand pounds sitting on my back, "Get your damn filthy hands off of me!"

If I was going to die, not that I wanted to, but if I was- I was going down with a struggle. He grinned as he reached around to my stomach. His fingers were long and cold, icy, "Dear cousin is coming. I can smell the fear on her. You though..." he inhaled deeply "…no, you're angry. I like that."

He licked my ear before jamming his long razor like index finger into my stomach. I suddenly felt myself go dizzy as I screamed in agony trying to pull away. No. No. No. I wasn't about to die. Fight Ava. Fight. I could hear my dad's voice pleading over and over in my head. He pulled his finger from my stomach up to my rib cage. He was carving me, slowly. I felt tears pour out of my eyes. Oh God the pain. Is this what my brother felt like before he died? He laughed in my ear before kissing my temple, "Something to remember me by Ava."

With a swift fluid movement I sat up quickly causing me cry out in pain. My hand flew to my side instantly. I had forgotten about my stitches. Fuck. I groaned as I laid back down slowly shutting my eyes trying to forget the pain. This was pain. The real pain of this situation, Kendra had just dropped me off and left. She left. Apparently on to the next hunt with her dad. My father's brother. Twin actually. Shawn and Greg. Fighting the immoral supernatural crime together. Until my dad was killed of course. Was Shawn anywhere to be found now? No. I was on my own. Again.

There was a knock on my door and I groaned inwardly as I wiped tears away from my face, "I'm fine Bobby."

The door cracked open slightly, "It's actually Sam." He entered cautiously standing near the foot of the bed. Not daring to get closer as if I were some rabid animal waiting to attack. "Bobby is out…running errands. Do you need anything before we crash?"

They must be dreadfully tired too. Sam's forehead was bandaged over his left eye. His right ring finger and pinky finger were taped together. He had been in some sort of brawl. The two brothers' were hunters. Famous hunters. After Bobby introduced them, it took me a few minutes to realize who they were. The ever famous Winchester's. The men who had caused the apocalypse to appear and the men that made it disappear. Some hunters were still thoroughly pissed about that. Because in return- things had gotten worse. A lot worse.

I shook my head, "I'm fine. Just really tired and sore."

He nodded politely, not believing me. I'm pretty sure the whole house heard my scream. But he wouldn't press the issue. He didn't seem like the type. "Just holler if you need us. We are down the hall."

"If I need you, trust me, you'll hear me." I laughed a bit, trying to lighten the mood. It wasn't like I was dying. I wondered if Bobby had told them my history yet. Could be the reason why I was getting special treatment at the moment.

He chuckled and started to back out of the room. He seemed like a nice enough guy though. I gave him a soft thank you smile and he paused, "By the way…when you're feeling up to it. I have a few questions about the lore and stuff. Just…you know…whenever."

Ah, ulterior motives. Figures. Oh well, I did say that I owed him one for stitching me up. I nodded just wanting him to leave me alone. I felt the heaviness of sleep creeping up and I didn't want to miss it. "Sure."

"Great. Night Ava."


He closed the door and I let out a sigh as my head rolled toward the clock. 3Am. Bobby was running errands? No- Bobby was on a hunt. Damn him. I'm sure he went out with Shawn and Kendra. They wouldn't find the clan or Nicodemus. They were already packed and gone. I could feel it. I shifted uncomfortably as I felt the wound burn. He not only gave me a reminder of him…he had marked me. And just the thought of him finding me….scared the hell out of me.




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May. 17th, 2011 11:42 pm (UTC)
I love this.
I went searching for Dean/OFC Sam/OFC fics, and this was the first I found, and I love it! A lot of times I don't really like OFC characters, the ones I write included. But I really like Ava. ^_^ Off to the next chapter.
Aug. 24th, 2012 08:49 pm (UTC)
This is great so far. Looking forward to more. Is there more yet? I can't seem to find another chapter! I don't know if that's just my issues with navigating LJ or b/c it's just not there?
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