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*~* Pour me Another *~*

My addiction to coffee and diet drinks has become insane.  So, I'm taking a stand....against myself.  That and since I 'am' on a diet and working out.  But mostly as a dare to myself to see if I actually 'can' quit pop.  I usually drink 3-4 diet drinks a day.  Coffee, maybe once or twice a day.

So, I'm cutting back my pop to 1 a day.  Then soon hopefully (if I'm still alive by the end of the week) I'll move to 3 a week.  Then we will see what happens from then on out. 

Notice how I mentioned nothing about coffee yet.  Because I can't quit too many of my bad habits out at once.  I would be a crazy wild insane woman running amuck in the streets.  So...for the safety of others...one step at a time.

*cheers*  =)