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Title: The Long Road Home  (1/?)
Rating: R –language, sexual content, violence
Genre: Gen, Rom, Drama, Action, Angst
Characters/Pairings: Tony/Pepper, Rhodes

Summary: Their relationship hasn’t been without ‘problems’ to say the least. After all of the close calls while playing ‘Super Hero’ – everything finally catches up with him. Now, after an accident that has left him physically inept. He begins to lose faith in himself. Finally, a strong willed Pepper steps up and she begins to believe for him.

Warnings: AU- Contains some spoilers for those not up to date.
Word Count: 1513- give or take
Disclaimer: I do not own Ironman or any of the characters.

  Story can be found here:
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His love was leaving. He could probably pass over her car, make her stop. But he continued in the opposite direction. Maybe in some screwed up way he was doing this for her. Doing some sort of favor, for her. So that she didn't have to worry, so she wouldn't have to care so much.Collapse )


Title: All That Matters  (1/?)
Rating: R
Genre: Gen, Rom, Drama, Action, Sup
Characters/Pairings: Sam(oc), Dean(oc), Bobby, Cas- other original characters present

Summary: Ava didn't always dream of being a hunter, but it was her destiny according to the Heavens.  Now- her family all taken from her forever- she carries on her reckless attitude as she presses on with the 'family business'.  What she doesn't expect is to find are two brothers who care very much about what happens to her.  And she'll come to learn that sometimes family isn't always blood.

Warnings: AU Season 6 - Contains some spoilers for those not up to date.
Word Count: 2421
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters.

Story can be found here:
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Believe it or not- I was the head cheerleader at my high school. The yearbook club was my life. I was dating the all-state running back. My grades were pristine. The sad and fatal reality though…I was a hunter.Collapse )


*~* Pour me Another *~*

My addiction to coffee and diet drinks has become insane.  So, I'm taking a stand....against myself.  That and since I 'am' on a diet and working out.  But mostly as a dare to myself to see if I actually 'can' quit pop.  I usually drink 3-4 diet drinks a day.  Coffee, maybe once or twice a day.

So, I'm cutting back my pop to 1 a day.  Then soon hopefully (if I'm still alive by the end of the week) I'll move to 3 a week.  Then we will see what happens from then on out. 

Notice how I mentioned nothing about coffee yet.  Because I can't quit too many of my bad habits out at once.  I would be a crazy wild insane woman running amuck in the streets.  So...for the safety of others...one step at a time.

*cheers*  =)

I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is lovethebroken@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!

~*~ I'm a Twitter Bug ~*~

I signed up for Twitter a long time ago...never really used it.  But now I'm on it and I still find it pointless...but I'm still sending updates. *hmm* It's actually addictive. *hehe*

Look me up!! You follow me and I'll follow you...we will all follow each other! *whoop whoop*


Laters.  =)